Altar Servers

It is the Lord Jesus

you are Serving


Recruitment and training

usually takes place

during the summer months.


         The ministry of altar server is open to all young boys and girls in the parish who have completed the 3rd grade and have made their First Holy Communion.  As an active minister in the Mass, being an altar server enables our young people to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of their faith and the Liturgy of the Church.  It also promotes responsibility, service and leadership.


         During training, potential servers become familiar with the various parts of Mass, and what roles our altar servers play during parts of the Liturgy. Each altar server will be called to serve at Saturday and/or Sunday Masses. There is a great need for altar servers especially around the holidays and during the summer months, so please consider this wonderful way to serve and fulfill your service to your Church.

 Altar Servers

For more information contact:

Jessica Bouley

315-252-9545 or